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The spirit of dishonour entertained by a MURIA SADHU (ordained ascetic) or a member of SHREE SARVESHWARI SAMOOH towards any of the three, namely, the GURU, the DHARMA and the SAMOOH, will embrace all the three within its sweep. There is no scope for doubt about it. A man of this attitude is like one who eats left-over food. There is absolutely no possibility that he will nourish a sense of honour for us, the entire SARVESHWARI family. We should not even expect it. "
"The AGHORI fears none. Take it from me that, though flags of many kinds, symbol of the majority, are right now in evidence in the world, the possibility is that there will be only one flag, that of SREE SARVESHWARI SAMOOH, in the near future."
Shri Sarveshwari Samooh is the resort of my yogic sport. It is my firm conviction that all the existing institutions or religions have been evolved in different countries and nations by my own "atman" (soul) which is pervading the world in various forms.
Aghori does not stop in the way, they have got speed in their feet. They reach the desired destination. They are not bound under the Bondage of caste and creed. They have got momentum in the feet, they do not stop.

An Introduction


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Sri Kinaram Baba

The word Aghor literally means, that which is not difficult or terrible. Aghor is simple and natural state of consciousness. There is no place for feelings of fear, hatred, disgust or discrimination in the eyes of an Aughar.

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Param Pujya Aghoreswar Bhagwan Ram ji

It was in a small village named ‘Gundi’ in Bhojpur district of Bihar state where the Founder of the Samooh was born. His father, the late Babu Baij Nath Singh, was a well-to-do landlord, widely known all around in the area.

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Param Pujya Gurupad Sambhav Ram Ji

Pujya Baba Gurupad  Sambhava Ram Ji, disciple and heir of Parampujya Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram Ji, was born on 15 March, 1959 in Indore (Madhya Pradesh). His mother is one of the founder members of Sri Sarveshwari Samooh.

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Heart Transplantation

Ranjit lives in Ghaghra(Gumla), he had wall problem in his heart, but Sri Sarveshwari Samooh Shakha Delhi and Allahabad did tremendous work out and Ranjit is fine now, he had bypass surgery in AIIMS Delhi, We pray for his good health.

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  • Heart Transplantation
    Ranjit lives in Ghaghra(Gumla), he had wall problem in his heart, but Sri Sarveshwari...
  • Medical Camp
    Free medical camp has been organised by Sri Sarveshwari Samooh, there 250 patient...
  • 250 Eye Patients Treated
    250 Patients have been treated in Eye Camp which was held at Sri Sarveshwari Samooh...
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TEA Farming in Jashpur District of Chhattisgarh

Unamuni Ram

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Aghoreshwar Vachnamrit

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Member's Column

Press Release 2014

Tea Farming


The Sogda Ashram of Sarveshwari Samooh has taken up the responsibility to set up a tea farming industry in Jashpur. Having successfully contributed in the fields of education,

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Leprosy Treatment

Leprocy Treatment

Awadhoot Bhagwan Ram has not ignored any portion of the society which is in trouble. The Samooh believes that the real worship of God is the service of suffering humanity.

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Building Education System

Building Education System

In order to bring up good citizens, it is essential that children should be provided with proper education. Usually children below 7 years are not admitted in schools

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