Awareness Activities

"A sleeping one can be woken up but not the one who pretends to be asleep."
-Parampujya Aghoreshwar

The Samooh carries out mass awareness campaigns through publication and distribution of literature and conducting awareness programmes among people in the fields of spirituality, social conduct and environmental conservation etc.

Spiritual Awareness

Apart from the common masses, an inquisitive individual, in spite of the available material comforts, finds solace in spirituality. To help and guide all such people, the Ashrams of the Samooh act as centers of self-realisation, where collective prayers and meditation are performed regularly. The Samooh believes that the all pervading Almighty is found within the conscience of each and every human being. One needs to keep on making efforts and the Almighty can be experienced within.

Social Awareness

In order to spread the spirit of universal brotherhood and make people aware of their societal responsibility towards humanity, the Samooh carries out awareness drives and a number of welfare activities; acting as a bridge between the affluent and the deprived in the society. These programmes include awareness campaigns in rural and urban areas and also in prisons, hospitals, orphanages, old- age homes, blind schools and similar other places.

Environmental Awareness

The Samooh promotes afforestation, reforestation and protection of existing forests. It also encourages protection and propagation of medicinal plants and herbs existing in the natural environment of the forests. In fact, such plants are used in preparing Ayurvedic and Fakiri medicines by the Samooh. The members of the Samooh give due consideration on maintaining sound health and hygiene.

Youth Mobilisation & Women Empowerment

"Youths are the real force of the nation. Now the misuse of this public force is not fair."
"The frenzy of Youth is paralysis for reasoning, blockages for the eyes and ears; if not lived properly." 
                                                                                                     -Parampujya Aghoreshwar

Guided by these principles, the Samooh has a Youth Wing known as 'Sarveshwari Yuva Sangathan'. The branches of the Samooh have their respective Youth wings that organize Youth seminars and conferences on relevant topics concerning the Youth. Annual Summits are held at the headquarters that act as a platform for interaction among Youth coming from different parts of the nation and abroad. The Samooh acts as a guiding force that provides direction and work areas to the Youth so that they can collectively carry out welfare activities having a positive impact on the society. Mass awareness campaigns through long cycle tours are carried out at regular intervals by Youth wings. In these tours the Youth come into direct contact with ground realities which broadens their perspective and that helps them to become better citizens.

The Samooh has given the status of "Mother" to woman. The Samooh believes that women have a major role in building an ideal society. Therefore in order to encourage Self-awareness among women and to give them ideal education, the Samooh has an 'All India Association for Women' known as 'Sarveshwari Mahila Sangathan'. It has branches in the Ashrams of the Samooh. The Association serves as a forum for women coming from different strata of the society. Under the Association, women get the opportunity to educate themselves on various aspects of social and spiritual life including their role in building a healthy society.
Fight Against Social Evils

In the pretext of religion, external hypocrisy and worthless rituals have made a permanent place in the society. The Samooh is determined to uproot irrelevant customs prevalent in India and different parts of the world. The Samooh is leading a battle against the prevalent social evils of dowry and unnecessary expenses in marriage ceremonies that prove to be burdensome on the bride's family, especially if they are poor. The Samooh has a simplified way of marriage that treats marriage as a union of two souls rather than a wealth exchanging trade between the families of the bride and bridegroom. Hundreds of marriages are solemnized every year in the Ashrams of the Samooh. On untimely death of the husband, the Samooh favours the remarriage of the widow who has a right to lead her own life. Widow Remarriage is included in the Sarveshwari way of marriage.

"The Sarveshwari way of marriage is for people who are thoughtful for the unity of the divided society and cherish an ideal for its future."        
- Parampujya Aghoreshwar

The Samooh is against performance of elaborate and complicated death rites which are not only expensive but also create confusions in the minds of the bereaved family members. On the death of a person, the grief stricken family is exploited and often emotionally blackmailed by some specific people making false propaganda regarding death. Often, even relatives give such advice that squandering the money earned by dint of hard labour, by spending all and even by incurring debt; one should perform the last rites and pay homage. As a result, having spent all, the family is compelled to beg.

[It is better to live in jungles infested with beasts than to live a poverty-laden life amongst one's kith and kin. -'Death & Last Rites']

On occurrence of death, the Samooh guides the family members to perform a simple funeral and last rites that is inexpensive and without complications. Aghor literature on Death and Last Rites is also distributed among such families to help them come out of their grief.

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