Avadhoot Bhagwan Ram Chikitshalaya

Besides ABRKSA, the headquarters of the Samooh has a regular OPD (outdoor patients department) which provides Ayurvedic and Fakiri medicines to patients of other diseases. The Ayurvedic and Fakiri medicines that are available with the Samooh are for a number of diseases like leprosy, psoariasis, leucoderma and all types of skin diseases, asthma, diabetes, marasmus, arthritis, epilepsy, hypertension, low blood pressure, most of the abdominal diseases, feminine diseases etc. The Samooh has an ‘aushadhi nirmanshala’ (medicine making unit) at its headquarters and the Gamharia Ashram for preparing and collecting Ayurvedic and Fakiri medicines.

The OPD at the headquarters is equipped with Eye and Dental wings and also has ambulances. Most of the Ashrams of the Samooh have facilities for visiting doctors to serve the common populace in respective areas.

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