Aghor Parishad Trust

Aghor Parishad Trust was founded on October 2, 1984,according to wish of Smt. Lakharaji Devi to serve humanity. Smt. Lakharaji Devi was a religious lady and she had profound faith in the Aghor-Path. She took ‘Aghor Diksha’ (initiation) from Baba Gurupad Sambhav Ram Ji on March 21, 1985 at the age of 75. Thereafter, she was called "Maha Maitrayini Yogini". Maha Maitrayini Yogini took Maha-Nirvan on January 13, 1993.

Pujyapad Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram Ji (Founder-President- Baba Bhagwan Ram Trust and Shri Sarveshwari Samooh) was her only issue. She was impressed by her son’s various social-service-programmes. That is why she wished to form a trust which could provide full co-operation in Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram’s social-service-programmes actively.

Thereafter, Aghor Parishad Trust came in existence on above mentioned date. She donated her property in favour of Aghor Parishad Trust and applied in court of Registrar, Public Trust Jashpur Nagar, Raigarh, Madhya Pradesh for the registration of the trust.

It was registered by court under Trust act on March 26,1985. Trust was headed by Pujyapad Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram Ji. Head office is at Avadhoot Bhagwan Ram Kusth Sewa Ashram, Parao, Varanasi. Aghor Parishad Trust came in existence on above mentioned date.The The establishment of the body Aghor Parishad Trust has vision in conduction various social- service programmes to the Society.Currently the trust is organising varius social-service activities for the welfare of the society.

The various social-service-programmes being conducted by the trust, wherein some prominent mentionable works are as :-

  • To administrate the Aghor Research Institute and Library properly.
  • To provide school/college fees to those students who are economically weaker but genius.
  • To manage Aughar ,Aghoreshwar’s Samadhi properly etc.


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