The Economic Aspect

A solid economic base is essential for smooth sailing in the ocean of life. The Samooh encourages people (especially in India, where the caste system has been the basis of the economic structure since time immemorial) to adopt any profession available. The only condition is that the profession be carried on with utmost honesty and devotion. The Samooh attaches great importance to physical labour for economic development. Any profession based on mutual cooperation and dignity of labour will strengthen the economic structure of the society. Equal opportunity in the field of business, jobs or education must be available to all.

The economic structure of Indian society was initially based on the caste system and it is still prevailing to a certain extent. The Indian society considers economic management to be a subject matter that is outside the realm of family affairs. The people of India believe that the upkeep of the family is possible only through financial management and that has to be strengthened from sources that are outside their own family. Therefore, increasing their income through external sources by adopting legal or illegal means is the only objective of the people, no matter who they are - agriculturists, labourers, businessmen, servicemen or even the unemployed. Instead of cherishing sympathy for fellow earners, they try to surpass them. This is the reason for the deplorable economic condition of our society when compared to other nations. The Samooh has a very clear concept in this respect. The Samooh believes that financial management begins with the individual; from individual to family and only then to external management. The Samooh supports the principle that an individual must maintain himself within the limits of his income. While doing so, he may try for additional income from outside.

A large number of people of this nation are unable to earn enough to meet their requirements of life.The Samooh has a compact plan for such people. The Samooh expects that its financially well off members help the financially weaker members by providing them suitable opportunities to work. Community management is the only way out to amicably solve this complex economic problem of society. No government schemes can succeed without such collective and amicable efforts from the socially aware people. The economic order of the society cannot be improved unless the family, the villagers and the poorest of the poor are all actively involved in the programme. Behaviour cannot be changed without changing the way we think.

"Whatever business you are doing, you are doing for the service of the Samooh.
If you will have this end in view, not only your own business will prosper but
the Samooh too will gain strength. We pray Bhagwati to save us from attachments
and make our life useful for all."

-Parampujya Aghoreshwar


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