The Cultural Field

"Culture is the soul of a nation "
- Parampujya Aghoreshwar

India has an ancient culture under which different human values are automatically inculcated right from childhood in the family. Women who comprise half of the population are neglected in many countries. In western countries there have been struggles for equal rights for women. In contrast, women have always been respected in Indian culture. We have examples in the Ancient and Modern history where Indian women have emerged as brave warriors, great leaders, saints, devotees and educationists. The Samooh not only treats women equally but also respects them for their role as the 'Mother' in our society. Woman is the mother of a human being. The impression left by the mother in the tender mind of a child has a lifelong impact. The mother not only brings up a child but through her behaviour, service and guidance, also inculcates noble ideas and good behaviour in children.The Samooh believes that ideal women can build an ideal society.

Indian culture has its own basic principles but most of them have lost their significance today due to foreign rule for centuries and lack of proper education and cultural awareness among people. Majority of the Indian women have been deprived of proper education. Further, rustic traditional customs and social evils like dowry have put them in the back seat. In fact, the reason why Indian society is lagging behind is that women are not being accorded the same equal status for which they are entitled.

Similarly, respect for aged persons, learned men, saints, leaders, as well as the guests coming to our house are essential part of the age-old Indian culture, which is supported by the Samooh. Children too are not neglected and good habits are imbibed in them from the very beginning. We want to revive the best of our old culture so that good habits and virtues may develop in our people. The system of family life creates a sense of cooperation, hard work, forbearance and sympathy among us. All these trends that Sri Sarveshwari Samooh is trying to revive are crucial for the development of universal brotherhood.

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