The Political Field

Praja ke vipatti ka dhyotak hai sashan ke niyati ki khami
(Sufferings of public indicate the intentional shortcomings of the government.)

-Parampujya Aghoreshwar

So far as the political aspect is concerned, the Samooh has little interest in it. The Samooh is of the opinion that as the political parties are increasing in number, the magnitude of differences and antipathy is also growing day by day. The Samooh attaches no importance to politics in the matter of reformation of society. Politics has become something like an external force these days. The Samooh always attaches importance to the fundamentals and the lowest strata of the society. The Samooh believes that in order to improve the socio-economic structure, work must start from the grass root level, whereas today's politics stands above at a much greater distance. However, as the decision of a political leader affects the lives of a huge number of people, the Samooh hopes for the right conduct of these leaders, in the interest of public at large.

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