The Social Field

When human beings evolved along with other living beings on this earth,they as like the other living creatures were in a single group - one Samooh (society of humans). Sri Sarveshwari Samooh reflects the same base and reminds people of that very first group evolved at the beginning - we all are humans first. Our humanity has not changed even after many great inventions; it shouldn't change either. The only change that has happened since then is that we have started living in separate compartments. Sri Sarveshwari Samooh considers the entire human society of the world as one Samooh. Hence, we do not believe in different racial groups, that one man is Indian, the other European or African etc. We are all human beings living in different parts of the world. This broad and liberal feeling of brotherhood is to be spread throughout the world. This is our ideal.

The very first contribution of Sri Sarveshwari Samooh towards humanity is its teaching that primarily we are all human beings and only then citizens of a nation. All modes of social division should be subservient to our unity as human beings. We should not behave with a narrow mind in terms of caste, nation, country or race. These barriers should be removed and we should work for universal brotherhood. People who have accepted these principles are always ready to provide unconditional help to the distressed in any part of the world. Ideas can change individual's behaviour; they can also change the attitude of nations and the world. Noble thoughts are being acted upon and as a result, the ideas of the Samooh are resonant in the atmosphere.

In this practical world, people look for real life examples and much recognition is accorded to proof.The Samooh endeavours that its members become ideal examples in human society. The members of the Samooh try and leave a positive impression on society through their behaviour and conduct. When they visit a new place, they behave in accordance with the Samooh's principles so that, a common man coming in their contact may understand that this ideal behaviour and conduct is not rare and is easily attainable. This is a practical contribution of the Samooh towards the spread of humanity in society.

The UNO is proclaiming these ideas now under the name of Human Rights and legislations are being enacted from time to time. However, it is clear to the nations all over the world that laws have proven ineffective in protecting the cause of humanity. It is education, i.e. proper knowledge of facts, which enables man to follow the right path and adopt the right means.


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